The Elements of Art Deco Design

Since the release of the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, art deco has had a resurgence. It is a style made popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s that epitomizes glamour and extravagance in fashion, architecture and home decor. Its marked characteristics are bold geometric shapes, angular forms, metallics and bright colors. Some of the most famous buildings representing art deco architecture are the Chrysler Building in New York City and all the wonderfully eclectic buildings lining Ocean Drive in South Beach, Florida. Art deco is an amazing look that has been around for just shy of a century and has never truly gone out of style.

So how can you incorporate art deco into your own home? You may already have and you didn’t even know it. A lot of contemporary design elements were actually born from the art deco movement. Check out these stylish art deco looks that are easy to incorporate into a space:

This swivel chair from Pier One is a popular style of chair inspired by art deco. It is a comfortable and stylish option for extra seating. Photo: Pier One

Chevron (the striped V pattern on the pillows) is a pattern made popular by the art deco era and is a huge trend at the moment in fashion and decor. You can even paint it on a wallPhoto: Obaz

Clean lines and a general “unfussiness” are common to art deco interior design. Photo: House and Home

Impressive chandeliers are usually seen in an art deco room to provide glamour, typically made of a reflective surface such as glass, crystal or diamonds. Photo: Alfies Antique Market

Rich textures such as velvet and animal prints like zebra were big in the art deco period. Photo: Interiors by Studio M

Chrome and metallic surfaces are glamorous and very art deco. Notice how they have incorporated a geometric pattern and metallic sheen in the wallpaper, sofa and tables for this art deco-inspired room. Photo: Apartment Therapy

Mirrored surfaces are a huge feature of art deco interior design as seen in the distressed, mirrored desk here. Photo: Glamorous Chic Life

The lacquered look as seen in the vases and dresser in this room is also a common feature of art deco design. Photo: Interiors by Kenz

Art deco is a surprisingly versatile style. You can incorporate just a little such as in a chevron pattern or you can go all out creating an entire art deco-styled room, and even then you can go masculine or feminine, high glam or more subdued. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring and unique style that has stood the test of time and will probably continue to do so for centuries to come.

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