Creating Ambiance with Stylish Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a HUGE component in decorating, not only in interior spaces but also in outdoor spaces, as well. If you have ever eaten outside at a restaurant or spent time by a pool at a resort, you probably noticed that there was a certain ambiance, whether it be romantic, relaxing or festive. These feelings are not only created by the furniture and landscaping (though they are important, too) but mostly by the choice of lighting. Lighting enhances a space by both the type of light it puts out and also by the design of the object that is emitting it. There are so many beautiful choices for stylish outdoor lighting that I thought I would gather some of my favorites and share them with you.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

STRING LIGHTS (sometimes referred to as “market lights”) are a lovely and whimsical choice of lighting that are popular for outdoor dining at cafes and boardwalks. There are lots of great choices out there for string lights at places such as World MarketTarget, and Pottery Barn.

Photo: Arcadian Lighting

HANGING GLASS LANTERNS deliver a sophisticated charm that is great for creating a warm, inviting space. You can find them at places stores like Lowes, World Market and Arcadian Lighting.

Photo: JL Designs

CHANDELIERS can always be counted on to make a big, elegant statement in a room ─ even if it’s outdoors. Yes, you can use chandeliers outdoors! There are specially made outdoor chandeliers that you can find at places such as Lowes, Target, and Lighting Direct.

MOONLIGHT GLOBE LIGHTS are a very cool modern option for lighting that look amazing by a pool or patio. This special focal point has a high price tag but also a big impact. You can purchase them at

Photo: YLighting

KANPAZAR are some of the coolest outdoor lights I have ever seen. They have a really modern appeal but as you can see in this photo, they even look cool leading up to a modest, classic home. They also have a high price tag but might be worth the investment if you want to make a big statement. You can find them at YLighting.

Creating ambiance with stylish outdoor lighting is a crucial part of decorating any outdoor space, so hopefully these ideas inspire you to think outside the box and make lighting a fun priority.

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