Inspiring Uses of Bold Color in Home Decor

Color is an amazing and fun element to work with when decorating your home. It can be pretty tricky for some to get it right, but this shouldn’t give you reason to fear color─ it is a lot easier to work with than you may think and a great way to give your home character. If you are looking to incorporate color into your home but aren’t sure how to start, here are some tips:

  • Start with a neutral palette and use color as an accent. By layering color this way, it won’t be overwhelming and you can control how much you are comfortable with incorporating. If you want more, add more. If you want less, take away something.
  • Pick 1 to 3 colors to use as accents. Make sure they all compliment each other and are along the same tones.
  • Colorful accessories are a great way to bring in color and are easily interchangeable. The next step would be using color in a piece of furniture such as a chair. If you are feeling brave, try painting one wall in an accent color.
  • To bring color to accessories without buying something new, try spray painting them.
  • Most hardware stores and paint companies offer small “test” cans of paint that you can use to test colors before committing. Remember, paint doesn’t have to be permanent so feel free to be bold and try new things!

This abstract pieces of art pops with beautiful tangerine, yellow and turquoise against a neutral wall. The designer, Palmer Weiss cleverly pulled out the tangerine in the lamp and carpet and left everything else (including that gorgeous elephant table) in whites to make the color stand out without being overbearing. Photo: Chinoiserie Chic

The designer kept this gray palette from being too cold with the fun pops of  hot pink in the chairs flanking either end of the long table. The lime green vases give some extra dimension and the choice of foliage is perfect to pull it all together. Photo: Cimots

This crazy mix of colors work very well in this space by staying in the same tones and serving as accents on a neutral, rustic palette. It all makes sense together and tells a story, even the beautiful pink flowers on the end table. Photo: Fenton & Fenton

This bedroom’s color palette is both fun and soothing at the same time because of the subdued tones that were chosen. The wall color (Appalachian Trail by Benjamin Moore) is mirrored in the bed skirt and is a gorgeous pair with the chocolate brown. The buttery curtains matching the headboard was another clever touch, as was the extra pop of color in the purple chair. Photo: CreateGirl

Designer Kelly Grosso did a beautiful job using pink accents to define this comfortable, otherwise neutral space. The pink pouf is a great touch, as are those gorgeous pillows that work off the Moroccan flavor established by the pouf. Photo: House Beautiful

This charming bedroom is simply designed but is a perfect little getaway. The bamboo shades interact beautifully with the beaded chandelier and tan pillows. The white walls are crisp and the purple bedspread brings warmth and color. Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

As you can see, bold color can really pay off and give a room an entirely new, fresh look. I hope you are feeling inspired to try some bold colors in your own home!

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