How to Choose the Right Flowers for Your Home

With spring in full bloom now, I think it’s the perfect time to talk about how to choose the right flowers for your home. They do wonders to enhance a space with their natural beauty and fresh scents. There is a good reason bringing fresh flowers into a space (or even silk ones, for that matter) is one of the top tips for staging your home for sale. People are naturally drawn to the vibrant colors and overall life that flowers represent. It is important to choose the right type of flower for a space and there’s a few things to consider before making that choice. Here are some tips for choosing flowers:

  • Consider the style of your home. Is your style more contemporary? Traditional? Cottage? Eclectic? Some flowers although beautiful may not suit the look and colors of your home. They should look as though they belong in the space. (Later in the post, you will see some inspiration and suggestions for flowers that work well certain styles of decorating.)
  • Think about your home’s color palette. Flowers will work the same as any other accent or accessory in your home, so what sort of colors and tones would compliment the space? Don’t let your flowers clash with the rest of your decor.
  • Look through books, magazines and especially botanical gardens if you have access to any so you can become familiar with all the types of flowers that are out there. You may be surprised just how many species there are and find one that you had never seen before but is the perfect fit for you home.
  • If you are moved by the meanings of things, consider researching the meaning behind different flowers. This could help you make an even more person connection to the flowers you choose. You can start with this dictionary from iFlorist.
  • If you are decorating with fresh flowers, research whatever flowers you decide to put in your home so you know how they should be taken care of, as well as any risks there may be to people with allergies, pets or children. You could also stop into a flower shop and speak to a florist for advice.

And for some inspiration choosing the right flowers for your home’s style…

White tulips are an elegant, versatile flower that looks great in any home from cottage to contemporary. (Photo: Boston Design Guide)

This designer went for a more wild selection of flowers to suit this rustic kitchen. (Photo: Abode Love)

This quirky kitchen with pops of yellow continued its accent color into the sunflowers and yellow roses. (Photo: Honey and Fitz)

These red tulips really pop and work well with the other red accents in this modern kitchen. (Photo: HGTV)

This contemporary kitchen opted for green plants instead of the traditional flower for a unique but effective look. (Photo: Martha Stewart)

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to make your home feel fresh and alive. I hope this has helped you in choosing the right flowers for your home!

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