How to Bring Elegance to Your Outdoor Space

When you are decorating an outdoor space, it is best to think of it as another room in your home. This will give you the best results when you apply everything you have learned about decorating for the interior of your home to the outside as well, because decorating an outdoor space follows all the same design principles! No matter what the size of your outdoor space, you can easily create an inviting space you and your guests will love. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Spacial planning is just as important outside as it is in; arrange and group furniture so that there is a nice traffic flow and conversational areas.
  • Keep in mind the exterior color of your home and coordinate the outdoor furniture and accessories with it.
  • Although you are already outside with lots of nature, bring in some more in the form of potted plants and flowers so the foliage doesn’t just “surround” your space but is also included in it.
  • Choose comfortable, stylish furniture that you and your guests won’t mind sitting in for long periods of time so you can fully enjoy your space.
And here are some beautiful photos of inspiring outdoor spaces, as well as tips for bringing elegance to your outdoor space:

Photo: Decor Pad

AN OUTDOOR RUG defines the space and makes it feel warm and cozy. There are a variety of outdoor rugs on the market so you can match it to whatever design aesthetic you choose.

Photo: HGTV

CURTAINS are a beautiful, easy and fast way to add definition and style to your outdoor space. You can close them at night for an intimate setting and open them during the day to allow the breeze to flow in.

Photo: AllYou

A CANOPY can make an outdoor space feel more intimate and cozy. There are a lot of canopy options from this simple DIY version (you can see the tutorial here) to bigger store-bought canopies.

Photo: Casa Sugar

PILLOWS are normally thought of as an indoor element, but they work just as well outside to add color, style and comfort. There are tons of outdoor pillows on the market or you can make your own using weather and water resistant fabrics.

Photo: Style Essentials

DECORATE WITH ACCESSORIES like you would inside, like a pretty vase filled with fresh flowers and other decorative pieces. Just because you’re decorating for the outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize!

Photo: Lonny Mag

LIGHTING is just as important outdoors as it is inside! I did a whole post on creating ambiance with stylish outdoor lighting that features lots of inspiration, such as using a beautiful chandelier for a chic, elegant look.

I’m so happy that spring is here because it means spending more time outdoors. I hope these tips and ideas on how to bring elegance to your outdoor space have inspired you to go outside and decorate!

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