How to Give Your Home Some Pizazz with Shine & Metallic

You have probably noticed by now that accessories with translucent or glossy textures are a BIG trend in both fashion and interior decorating. They have been for a while now. And why not? These textures are sophisticated, contemporary, and add a touch of glamour wherever they are adorned. If you think your space is a bit drab or needs a little something extra, try incorporating an accessory with a clear or metallic finish to give it that extra pizazz you are looking for. You don’t even have to buy something new; there are metallic paints and spray paints that you can get for your own DIY refurbishing! There are a variety of ways you can incorporate shiny and metallic textures into your home, so check out some of these ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

WALLS & CEILING This super-glam hall by Lilly Bunn Weekes makes a gorgeous statement with its high-gloss metallic walls and gold ceiling. The walls and ceiling compliment each other well since everything else is understated, but if both are to much for you, try doing just one or the other. The fact that this is a small space keeps the metallic finishes from being too overwhelming, so also consider the size of your space. One accent wall is the perfect spot to use a metallic paint finish. Photo: Lonny Mag

PILLOWS This room in Sela Ward’s home has a completely rustic feel right down to the reclaimed wood doors cleverly hiding a mini-bar, so that pop of metallic in the gold pillow offers a beautiful contrast that makes the room that much more interesting to the eye. It’s unexpected touches like these that make for great design. Photo: Traditional Home


DOORKNOBS This antique doorknob was reclaimed as a clever curtain drawback. It adds some style and glamour to a very simple fabric and will look especially cool when the light hits it, making it shine. Another great unexpected detail! Photo: Flor


PATTERN This designer had such a bold and creative idea when she painted this accent wall with a gold metallic chevron pattern. Leaving the white stripes a flat paint makes the metallic stripes really pop. You can make your own statement wall like this in any pattern you’d like using painter’s tape to guide you. There are also a variety of wall stencils on the market. Photo: Apartment Therapy


HAMMERED METAL When adding a metallic element, it doesn’t have to always be high gloss. In this photo, you can see a beautiful hammered metal lamp by Serena and Lilly that has a rustic charm while still bringing in that sophisticated reflective surface. Accessories such as lamps are a great way to bring in that shiny texture. Photo: Serena and Lilly

The next time you are looking at a room and think to yourself, “This room needs something,” consider adding a shiny or metallic element somewhere to give it the glamorous kick it needs. Even the smallest accessory can make an impact.

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