DIY Details That Will Make Your Home Look Expensive

Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s all in the details”? That couldn’t be more true in the case of interior decorating. If you have ever walked through an upscale home, you probably gawked at how beautiful and expensive everything looked. But the secret is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get many of the same details in your own home that make those mansions look so beautiful and upscale. I have already written some posts that would be beneficial to making your home look expensive, such as 10 Tricks to Make A Small Space Look Bigger and 5 Great Neutral Paint Colors for Cabinets if you want to update your kitchen. There are some more easy tricks you can apply to your home with your own hands at little cost and you will be amazed by the difference that they make.

is a beautiful detail that “finishes off” a room and adds a nice architectural detail. Most high end homes have crown molding and it’s very easy to add to your own home. I’d suggest installing it in at least the living room and dining room. To learn how to install it, check out HGTV’s how-to guide on installing crown molding. An important thing to know about crown molding is that one size does not fit all. If your ceilings are low, you don’t want to install a very thick crown molding as it will make the room feel smaller. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right size for each room in your home:
7 foot ceiling – 3″ or smaller
8 foot ceiling – 3″- 4″
9 foot ceiling – 4″ – 5″
10 foot ceiling – 6″
17 foot ceiling – 8″ or larger

Photo: Cultivate

UNDER-CABINET LIGHTING brings more ambiance to a kitchen or bathroom. It is “extra” details like these that make a home look expensive because you don’t need them but they enhance the beauty of a space. You can add under-cabinet lighting very easily and inexpensively by purchasing lights made for this very purpose at IKEA  for as low as $19.99. 

Photo: Georgiana Design

ADD CHARACTER TO YOUR KITCHEN in architectural details such as molding, cornices at the top of cabinets, and cabinet feet. The addition of feet make even the blandest “builder” cabinets look like nice pieces of furniture and come in many different options, some being more expensive than others. For less expensive options, try painting and attaching corbels or curtain finials as cabinet feet. 

Photo: Paloma 81

REPLACE THE HARDWARE in your kitchen, bathrooms, and even your door handles. Hardware is a small detail that goes a long way in updating the look of your home. If your hardware is in good condition, you can opt for an even less expensive option and spray paint it.

Photo: Desire to Inspire

HIGH-END TEXTURES & FABRICS such as velvet and silk in small doses can have a huge effect on making a room look expensive. For example, throws or pillows are a great way to bring in these textures without spending a fortune. You can easily make your own. Linen for curtains is also a beautiful, upscale touch for a room.

Photo: Martha Stewart Home

DECORATE ALL THE WAY TO THE CEILING. Bringing your bookcases and curtains all the way to the ceiling give a room a “grand” effect. Even if you don’t have really tall windows, still hang the curtains a few inches from the ceiling all the way to the floor. If you can’t afford really long drapes, add solid-colored coordinating fabric to the top of the panels to lengthen them.

Photo: Southern Charm

BIG PILLOWS (bigger than 18in) look more luxurious and generally more expensive to purchase, but you can easily make them yourself. Find some fabrics you love in solid colors and patterns (include a few in some luxury textures like silk and velvet) and stagger them on your couch for both comfort and style.

Photo: Design Manifest

DECORATING WITH WHITE is classic, elegant, and reflects light making a space look larger. White looks beautiful on cabinetry, accessories, molding, and linens. There are a lot of all-white accessories in high-end stores, but you can go to a garage sale and pick up an outdated decor item that is completely transformed and modernized once spray painted white.

Hope you find these details that will make your home look expensive helpful and inspiring! Remember, a home doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. It’s all about smart design choices.

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