Guest Post: Efficient Elegance: Beautiful, Beneficial Bathroom Design

Written by UK Guest Blogger Helen Davies

Over 60% of the water consumption that happens in our homes happens in the bathroom – which is why any savings we can make here will go a long way toward cutting our overall usage.

With many governments, campaign groups and individual householders on a drive to save water, it’s worth remembering that this quest to reduce our impact upon the planet can help us on a financial level, too. Reducing the amount of water our bathroom suites consume doesn’t just cut our water bills. A lot of the water we get through in the bathroom is heated first so, by cutting water use, we can cut energy use (and therefore our quarterly energy bill) too. Double the savings – great news in these cash-strapped times!

If you’ve always assumed that reducing your water consumption means taking a ‘sackcloth and ashes’ approach, though, you’d be wrong. We can reduce our water use without making our lives miserable and our bathrooms boring!

First stop: the toilet. This is the biggie of water consumption – and manufacturers are making great progress toward helping us reduce our use here.

If you have an old toilet, you can add an inflatable ‘hippo’ to your cistern, displacing a proportion of the water and reducing the water used per flush. The next time you upgrade your bathroom suite, however, your new toilet will most likely be a model with a six litre, dual flush tank: these use less water overall, and give you the option of a short or long flush each time. A smaller cistern means a prettier looking toilet too, in our view – so that’s a bonus!

Next: the shower. Remember, we’re looking to save both water and power here. A simple water aerator can reduce the hot water we use in the shower each day – without reducing our powerful shower spray to a mere trickle. It works by adding air to the water flow: you get a lovely, bubbly effect and you simply don’t notice that less water is being used.

Again, a new model of shower will be very likely to have water saving technology built in, but you can also fit a lovely new shower head to your existing shower system to take advantage of modern technology – and update the look of your bathroom into the bargain!

Finally: taps. It’s pretty much the same story for your basin and bath taps as it was for your shower. Aerating the water produces lovely bubbly water that’s a joy to use, and you can buy new taps (which will give your bathroom an instant facelift) or retrofit an aerator nozzle to your old taps.

We love to save water here at Better Bathrooms so we hope we’ve inspired you to give your bathroom an eco-overhaul – and bring a little extra luxury to your life as well!

Helen Davies is a keen blogger, interior designer and freelance writer.

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