6 Best Colors to Pair with Neutrals

Some people might think of decorating with neutral colors as “boring” but it is actually a very smart and tasteful move, especially for an owner who is trying to sell their home. When done right, neutral decor can be beautiful and sophisticated and appeal to most buyers. It gives buyers a chance to imagine themselves in the home without someone else’s strong personal taste clouding their judgment. If you’re a home owner that wants to decorate their home in neutrals with no plans to sell, then all it takes it a few extra details here and there to make it your own without it feeling like a totally blank canvas. Neutrals are beautiful! But what if you don’t want a totally monotone space in nothing but beige and whites? A pop of color will do the trick. Here are six accent colors that work beautifully with neutrals, whether you’re selling your home or staying for the long haul:

Photo: Kerrisdale Design

BLUE is probably the most popular color to use as an accent against neutrals. It is a color well-loved by most and creates a feeling of relaxation and serenity, especially when paired with neutrals.

Photo: Better Homes & Garden

A soft PINK is a lovely, feminine accent color that isn’t so extreme that it will turn off male buyers. Use it sparingly as shown in the example photo above where the designer cleverly placed some fresh flowers and a throw over the ottoman to add a touch of color.

Photo: Janie Molster

ORANGE is a fresh, energetic color that can bring some life to a neutral space. Too much of it can be overwhelming to most people, but using it as an accent color can be just the thing a neutral space needs to come alive.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

YELLOW is a happy color that will bring out the sunny side of neutrals. GOLD can be considered part of the yellow color family and can also make a great choice for an accent.

Photo: Donald Lococo Architects

RED is a warm, classic color that pops beautifully against neutrals. A burnt red is great choice if you want a warm, cozy atmosphere or a brighter red with black and white for a more contemporary feel.

Photo: Coco + Kelly

GREEN is always a beautiful choice as a primary color of nature (and also the color of 2013). It is totally gender neutral and attractive to most eyes. You really can’t go wrong with green.

I hope these 6 beautiful colors make you more excited about decorating with neutrals.

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