10 Whimsical DIY Projects For Your Home

No matter what your favorite design style is, I believe every home could use a bit of whimsy, even in the form of the smallest accessory. If you’re wondering what I mean by whimsy, I’m simply referring to those creative items or elements that express something about the person who lives there, whether it’s a memento with history or something quirky you found and just had to have. Whatever it is, these things add character to your home. Look around and I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing that captures that feeling of whimsy in your own personal way. If you’re looking to add some more whimsy to your home, check out these fun DIY projects I’ve come across on Pinterest:

Gold Honey Bear Vase by A Beautiful Mess (Go to Tutorial)

Mason Jar Chandeliers by Apartment Therapy (Go to Tutorial)

Chalkboard Surfboard by Design Empire (Go to Tutorial)

Wine Bottle Chandelier by Pin Cookie (Go to Tutorial)

Sliding Door by Apartment Therapy (Go to Tutorial)

Penny Covered Letters by The Crafted Sparrow (Go to Tutorial)

Jar Decals by the Painted Hive (Go to Tutorial)

Framed Wall Boxes by Change of Scenery (Go to Tutorial)

Suitcase Table by Stars for Streetlights (Go to Tutorial)

Hanging Candles by A Subtle Revelry (Go to Tutorial)

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