Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the greatest (and most rewarding) parts of the Christmas season is the giving of gifts. It’s always a wonderful feeling to watch someone open a gift you’ve picked out or made for them. The tradition, of course, is to wrap these gifts but did you ever consider that the wrapping itself could be a sort of gift? There are so many unique and creative ways to wrap a gift besides the usual wrapping paper and pre-made bows that will delight the recipient and add a little something special to every gift. After all, most gifts will sit under a tree for over a month at a time, contributing to the atmosphere and Christmas decor, so why not take advantage of this special opportunity?

Here are some creative DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas for you to have some fun with…

Use maps as gift wrapping, great for guys’ gifts (Photo: Martha Stewart)

Use newspaper or book pages as gift wrapping for a nostalgic feel (Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Use fabric as gift wrapping for a quirky look (Photo: Merriment Events)

Create your own Tiffany-style bow (Photo & Tutorial via Eddie Ross)

 Use greenery, pine cones & twine to add life to your gift wrapping (Photo: HGTV)

Add an extra touch by securing ornaments to your bows (Photo: BHG)

Hope these ideas have inspired you! Look around and get creative – what else can you use to adorn your gift wrapping? There are so many fun things you can find at craft stores and even the dollar store to use.  For example, little stuffed animals are great for children’s gifts. The possibilities are endless. :)

You can find more great Christmas ideas on my Pinterest!

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