2013: “Green” With Decorating Opportunity

All my sources are telling me that nature’s favorite color green will be a huge trend in the 2013 New Year. Green offers so many inspiring decorating opportunities. It’s an incredibly versatile color that can be playful or sophisticated, masculine or feminine depending on what shade you choose and what you pair it with. As long as you know how to work with it, you should be able to create a room with beautiful decor that will suit both your and your family’s sensibilities. Perhaps we should all start “thinking green” in 2013? ;) Here are some ideas for decorating with green:

For a PLAYFUL look…
Pair green with splashes of white and yellow.  (Photo: My Design Dump)

Pair green with black and gold metallic accents. (Photo: Lemonade & Mason Jars)

For a MASCULINE look…
Pair green with black and rich wood accents. (Photo: IMI Design Studio)

For a FEMININE look…
Pair green with pink accents and fun patterns. (Photo: HGTV)

Hope these ideas have inspired you and that you all have a fantastic New Year. Maybe 2013 find us all well!

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