Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Windows & Doors

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’ve all had our ups and downs through the year, but I hope everyone was able to find something to be thankful for. Now another special holiday is upon us so it’s time to break out the decorations and egg nog. This is one of my family’s and my favorite times of year because there’s a wonderful spirit in the air. It’s a time to celebrate love and kindness (something that should be celebrated all year round, in fact) and reflect on the beauty in the world around us; though at times it is hard to see, it is always there. This beauty is illustrated through the beautiful decorations that adorn the streets, shops and homes around the world during this time of year. That’s why I especially love decorating for Christmas. There is beauty in all of us and the decorations remind us of that.

I am going to start off this season with some simple Christmas decor ideas for your windows and doors. Besides just decorating your front yard, this is a great way to share your decor with passersby. I don’t know about you, but I always smile when I see beautiful Christmas decor shining through or from someone’s front door. So, without further adieu, here are Christmas decor ideas for your windows and doors….

Hanging Candy Canes (Photo: Good Housekeeping)

Candy canes are a festive and classic element for Christmas decor. Good Housekeeping shared this photo of hanging candy canes that are very easy to recreate in your own home. All you need is ribbon, a suspension rod, and of course large, plastic candy canes. Secure the ribbon to the suspension rod, which can be found inexpensively for any size window at places such as Walmart or Target.

Hanging Ornaments by Fishing Lines (Photo: Wedding Chicks)

Ornaments don’t have to be restricted to just Christmas tree branches. You can create some really beautiful Christmas decor with some fishing line and a suspension rod for an inexpensive and seamless look. Like with the candy canes, purchase a suspension rod from Walmart or Target and secure it to your window. Next, attach a variety of ornaments that compliment each other from fishing line at varying heights.

Window Garland (Photo: Room Service)

Accentuate your windows with real holiday garland, the perfect and classic touch for every Christmas decor plan. Simply hang 3M mounts around the window to drape the garland on. These special mounts offer easy removal once the holidays are over. You can adorn the garland with ribbon, pinecones, and ornaments if you wish to add some extra holiday flair.

Jingle Bells Door Hanger (Photo: Country Living)

It’s not just the sound of Christmas music that can put you in the mood for the season. Real jingle bells are a great way to add some holiday cheer to your home every time you welcome someone in through the front door. You can find them in most stores that sell Christmas decorations during the season.

Holiday Door Knocker (Photo: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re looking for a way to adorn your door besides using a wreath, you can always make your own DIY holiday door knocker. Just gather some of your favorite shatter-proof ornaments, tie them together, and then hang them from the door knocker you already have or a nail. You can add other elements if you’d like, such a big bow or some garland. Make it yours!

Happy decorating! I’ll be back with more Christmas decor ideas so stay tuned.

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