DIY: How to Refurbish Weathered Wooden Front Doors

In my last post, I shared the 5 best curb appeal tips and one of them is to make any necessary repairs, especially to your front door. It’s the first thing people see (whether it’s friends and family or buyers if you are selling your home) and therefore one of the most important elements of your home. It’s a crucial part of making a great first impression. Unfortunately, over time mother nature can force wear and tear on your front door from things like weather and the sun. If your front door is made of man-made materials, then you can spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. But if you have a natural wood front door, there’s another way to give it a facelift.

I’m going to show you how to refurbish a weathered front door in an easy-to-tackle, 4-step project that costs under $1,000 and will have them looking brand new.

How to Refurbish Weathered Wooden Front Doors
Step 1:
First, for this project I removed all the metal hardware and painted them their original black. While it is more tedious to remove all the hardware, it’s necessary to do to be able to sand evenly (step 2) and get an even coat of poly (step 4).

Step 2: Prepare and sand down the doors. (Tutorial from DIY Network)

Step 3: Stain them by brushing or wiping the stain on the wood. After it soaks in for a few minutes, wipe away excess with a rag.

Step 4: Finish them with a coat of UV-resistant outdoor polyurethane.

An AMAZING transformation, right? This is a fantastic weekend DIY project that is more than worth the investment. Remember, a great first impression starts with the front door. Good luck, DIY-ers!

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